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Finnish companies went to Ural
Published 26 March, 2019
This week more than 20 Finnish companies as part of a large business delegation will visit several million-person cities in the Ural mountains. The visit takes place under the auspices of the Finnish-Russian CCI and the Finnish Ambassador in Russia.
Finnish web developments enter the Latin American market
Published 19 March, 2019
Developers of new modern software and Internet solutions in Finland have recently started actively entering the international market. To a large extent, this is facilitated by state programs to support small businesses.
Russia and Finland to launch new eco-projects
Published 12 March, 2019
Using the resources of the joint program "Russia — South-Eastern Finland 2020-2024", two new programs aimed at the development of bilateral cooperation in the field of ecology and high-tech developments were launched recently.
Valio Baby has received official admission to China
Published 6 March, 2019
Representatives of the Ministry of agriculture and forestry of Finland recently confirmed the obtaining official permission for the export of ready-made baby food to China. The license from the state authorities obtained in early January.
Finnish bars plan to conquer Russia
Published 27 February, 2019
Recently the founders of one of the start-ups in Finland, Puls Nutrition, announced their intention to significantly expand its presence in Russia in the coming year and stake out a certain market share.
Finland to put new drilling rigs on the Taimyr
Published 20 February, 2019
One of the largest mining and metallurgical companies in Russia, Norilsk Nickel, announced plans to significantly upgrade the fleet of equipment used in the units of the organization on the Taimyr Peninsula. Finnish produces also will carry out deliveries.
Finland is ready to invest in the garbage industry
Published 12 February, 2019
Last week pioneers in the field of garbage processing from Finland visited the Northern capital. Companies are ready to invest in the construction of new waste processing plants, introduce new technologies and make money on Russian garbage.
Safe Finnair will increase its presence in Russia
Published 5 February, 2019
Finnish Finnair, the safest airline in the world in 2018 year, plans to significantly increase its presence in Russia. This should make the capital of Finland even more popular among tourists.
Yamal and Finland are getting closer
Published 29 January, 2019
Last week a delegation of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, headed by representatives of government agencies, paid a business visit to the capital of Finland. Within the framework of the Memorandum signed earlier, new contracts were made and future joint projects were identified.
2019 is a year of new joint projects between Finland and Russia
Published 22 January, 2019
In the coming year, Russia and Finland plan to strengthen cooperation in many areas, including to launch new projects in the field of education and tourism.
Medical furniture export from Finland to the EAEU is growing every year
Published 15 January, 2019
One of the leading manufacturers of medical furniture and rehabilitation equipment in the Scandinavian region Lojer Oy finished the 2018 year with an increase in exports of 20%. The EEU countries have made the most significant contribution to this.
Finnish customs to change the rules for transit goods
Published 9 January, 2019
Since the beginning of 2019 changes to the customs legislation of Suomi have been made, the purpose of which is to systematize and lead to uniform standards of work with transit cargo.
Finnish windmills are now in the priority
Published 25 December, 2018
Recently the government of Perm region has fixed the priority status of the project associated with serious investments in the economy of the region. It is about joint Russian-Finnish plans to build the country's largest windmill.
Butter from Suomi returns to Russia
Published 18 December, 2018
Last week Valio, one of the most well – known Finnish companies for the production of dairy products, announced the return of such company's iconic product as classic butter to the Russian stores.
Kazan is waiting for Finnish producers in its region
Published 11 December, 2018
Last week representatives of the Republic of Tatarstan paid an official visit to the capital of Finland, where, among other things, meetings were held with Finnish manufacturers. The President of the Republic personally expressed interest in bringing the regions closer together in the business sphere.
Russian tourism in Finland begins to revive
Published 4 December, 2018
Last week the first results of the tourism industry in the border territories of Finland with the Russian Federation were summed up. According to experts, the crisis of 2014 in this area has been successfully overcome.
Finnish business away team landed in Tula
Published 27 November, 2018
Last week a business forum was held in Tula under the auspices of the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It was aimed at further attracting investments, including from Finnish companies, to the region.
Finland attracts tourists with its outlets
Published 20 November, 2018
At the end of November Finnish entrepreneurs will open a new shopping complex Zsar Outlet on the border with Russia. Thus Suomi is trying to attract more tourists during the new year holidays.
Valio bets on oatmeal
Published 13 November, 2018
The Finnish giant Valio announced the entry into the Russian market with a new product that will undoubtedly please vegans or adherents of a lactose-free diet. That is a series of products called Oddlygood, which translates as "strangely good".
Finland prepares for the summer season 2019
Published 7 November, 2018
Finland started preparing for the new summer tourist season 2019 for the Russians. Special attention is paid to road transport.

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