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Finland restructured the food export scheme
Published 16 July, 2018
Representatives of the Food Industry Association of Finland noted the gradual recovery from the crisis of food export that arose after the introduction of sanctions by Russia. Manufacturers began to actively sell products to the countries of the European Union and Asia.
Uber to restart operating in the territory of Finland
Published 10 July, 2018
One of the world's largest transportation services returns to the Suomi market, taking advantage of changes in the local legislation. Now the competition between the companies, providing taxi services, will increase again.
Valio to enter the market with new “milk meat”
Published 3 July, 2018
At the recent competition World Dairy Innovation Awards, which actively promotes new types of food products, the Finnish company received the prize for the unique development of MiFU. In fact, "milk meat" appeared in the market.
The crisis of Russian tourist shopping in Finland to continue
Published 25 June, 2018
Last week, information on how much Russian tourists spent in Suomi last year was published. The total amount was slightly less than 350 million euros, which is almost 25% less than in 2016.
Finland strengthens its presence in the energy sector of the Russian Federation
Published 18 June, 2018
Within the next few weeks, the purchase of the Finnish energy company Fortum Corporation by the German Uniper should be finalized. The deal was approved by representatives of the European Commission and the Russian government.
Raiha Hydraulics to hold leading positions in Russia
Published 13 June, 2018
Raiha Hydraulics Oy, one of the leading Finnish companies in the field of hydraulics, has become a leading supplier of pipe modules, flanges, hydraulic systems and high pressure components to Russia.
A new EU Directive to promote the development of innovative companies in Finland
Published 5 June, 2018
At the end of May the European Commission published updated recommendations on the issue of plastic products usage in the Union. In addition, it announced a list of goods getting completely prohibited, such as cups or food containers. Finland plans to take advantage of these restrictions for the development of domestic business.
Finland to become a partner in the organization of the autumn forum in the Northern capital
Published 29 May, 2018
During the events of the St. Petersburg economic forum, the city administration representatives discussed with the Finnish delegation the possibility to organize jointly the forum on innovations, which is scheduled for mid-September 2018.
Finland to invest in “smart” shipping
Published 22 May, 2018
In the next two years, Finland's largest sea carriers are planning to spend more than 10 million euros on the development of modern digital systems for the industry growth.
Despite the market decline, Nokia does not lose ground
Published 16 May, 2018
Last week, analysts of the Canalys technology market published a report on smartphone sales in Europe in the beginning of this year. Despite the overall decline, Nokia managed to reach the fifth place.
Nord stream 2 started moving from the EU to Russia
Published 8 May, 2018
In early may, Nord stream 2 project started its movement from the EU to Russia – Germany started work on the construction of a gas distribution hub and maintenance areas. In a short time the laying of pipes will begin in Finland.
Finland is actively introducing innovative solutions for the agricultural sector
Published 3 May, 2018
The GrainSense company, created on the basis of the technical research centre of Finland VTT, has developed a new device that allows farmers to conduct more efficient manufacturing activities.
Finnish construction companies are increasing production in Russia
Published 23 April, 2018
Peikko Corporation opened a new plant in St. Petersburg in the presence of official representatives of Russia and Finland at the end of April.
Finland is concerned about the decline in the number of Russian tourists
Published 17 April, 2018
According to the Finnish Agency Ilastokeskus, the number of tourists from Russia has decreased by more than 15% in recent months.
Intelligent corridor will accelerate goods traffic
Published 10 April, 2018
Last week, the Federal Road Agency of the Russian Federation and Finnish Trafi Agency signed a memorandum aimed at the development of an automobile corridor between the two countries, increasing the level of safety and speed of goods traffic.
Mobile application for quick crossing of the Finnish border
Published 4 April, 2018
In early spring an application to simplify the crossing of the Russian border was officially launched in the Southeast region of Finland.
From Russia to Finland by car without a driver
Published 27 March, 2018
The Federal Road Agency of the Russian Federation has marked the start date of the test races of self-driving cars on the highway linking Helsinki and the Northern capital of Russia.
“Torfyanovka” is globally modernized
Published 20 March, 2018
Rosgranstroy together with the transport agency of Finland plan to reconstruct the main checkpoint between the two countries completely by 2021.
TID forum is for the strengthening of economic ties with Russia
Published 13 March, 2018
In early March a business forum, one of the topic for discussion of which was the strengthening of trade relations with Russia, was held with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and the country's leading economic organizations.
Finland is ready to help Russia in the North
Published 6 March, 2018
The state company Arctic Oy has declared its readiness to assist in the work of the Russian icebreaker vessels on the new Northern sea route.

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