Valio bets on oatmeal
Julkaistu 13 2018
The Finnish giant Valio announced the entry into the Russian market with a new product that will undoubtedly please vegans or adherents of a lactose-free diet. That is a series of products called Oddlygood, which translates as "strangely good".
Finland prepares for the summer season 2019
Julkaistu 07 2018
Finland started preparing for the new summer tourist season 2019 for the Russians. Special attention is paid to road transport.
Valio plans to expand its presence in the Russian dairy market
Julkaistu 29 2018
Valio, one of the oldest dairy companies in Finland, announced its entry into the Russian market with a completely new product, which the concern had never produced before.
Norilsk Nickel will be used in European cars
Julkaistu 23 2018
The global chemical giant BASF plans to invest almost half a billion euros in a new factory in Finland. Norilsk Nickel is also involved in the new project.
Finnish entrepreneurs to visit Kazan
Julkaistu 16 2018
The next joint forum of business representatives of Russia and Finland, Finnish business, will be held this week in the capital of Tatarstan from 17 to 18 October. Employees of the Finnish Embassy and the President of the Republic are planned to participate.
Finland restores business activity in Russia
Julkaistu 09 2018
Despite the economic sanctions, Finland has recently been trying to restore the previous level of business contacts with Russia, including through new joint projects.
FCS softened requirements for Finnish companies
Julkaistu 05 2018
The customs service of Russia softened the requirements of article 193 of the new 289 Federal law "on customs regulation" for a number of Finnish companies that provide cars for use to individuals.
Google will work on the Finnish wind turbines
Julkaistu 18 syyskuu 2018
The largest search Google system as part of the Alphabet holding signed a contract for the purchase of electricity generated at stations with wind turbines in Finland. This was recently reported by the Finnish-Russian Chamber of commerce.
Home vegetable garden goes to the international level thanks to Bosch and Siemens
Julkaistu 10 syyskuu 2018
The Finnish company Plantui has recently completed negotiations on new developments financing and concluded a so-called OEM-contract with one of the largest German corporations for the production of household appliances - BSH Hausgeräte GmbH.
Finland is actively promoting eco-vehicles in Scandinavia
Julkaistu 04 syyskuu 2018
Finnish energy Fortum corporation, more than half owned by the state, is actively promoting the use of electric vehicles in the Nordic countries. Another charging station has recently been opened in the South of Sweden.
Nokia to bring 5G in the USA
Julkaistu 28 elokuu 2018
Representatives of the Nokia marketing department announced the conclusion of the largest in recent years contract with T-Mobile, the third largest operator in the United States.
Business Finland enters a new stage of business stimulation
Julkaistu 21 elokuu 2018
Created earlier this year, the analytical company Business Finland officially launched a new project to develop the business environment in the country. Now you can get a residence permit in Suomi for a successful startup.
Anniversary of the Saimaa Canal reminded about the problems regarding the roads
Julkaistu 14 elokuu 2018
Last week representatives of the Transport ministries of Finland and Russia participated in joint events dedicated to the half-century anniversary of the navigation channel. The meeting of the two countries representatives allowed to discuss the roads adjacent to the waterway.
“Pobeda” airline will fly to the capital of Finland
Julkaistu 08 elokuu 2018
The only low-cost airline of the Russian Federation announced the opening of a new direct flight from Moscow to the capital Suomi in early October. This is the first airline route in the direction of the most Northern countries of the European Union.
Finnish meteorological service will cooperate with Bosch
Julkaistu 31 heinäkuu 2018
The private Finnish meteorological service Foreca has entered into an agreement with the Bosch group of companies to provide weather information services. Data will be used in the new development of the concern for unmanned vehicles.
The largest airline in Finland  again confirm its leadership
Julkaistu 24 heinäkuu 2018
Ninth year in a row, Finnair has been recognized as the best airline in Scandinavia. One of the crucial components of the victory was the punctuality in the work of all the services of the carrier.
Finland restructured the food export scheme
Julkaistu 16 heinäkuu 2018
Representatives of the Food Industry Association of Finland noted the gradual recovery from the crisis of food export that arose after the introduction of sanctions by Russia. Manufacturers began to actively sell products to the countries of the European Union and Asia.
Uber to restart operating in the territory of Finland
Julkaistu 10 heinäkuu 2018
One of the world's largest transportation services returns to the Suomi market, taking advantage of changes in the local legislation. Now the competition between the companies, providing taxi services, will increase again.
Valio to enter the market with new “milk meat”
Julkaistu 03 heinäkuu 2018
At the recent competition World Dairy Innovation Awards, which actively promotes new types of food products, the Finnish company received the prize for the unique development of MiFU. In fact, "milk meat" appeared in the market.
The crisis of Russian tourist shopping in Finland to continue
Julkaistu 25 kesäkuu 2018
Last week, information on how much Russian tourists spent in Suomi last year was published. The total amount was slightly less than 350 million euros, which is almost 25% less than in 2016.

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