The Finnish company Valmet will supply new equipment to Siberia
Julkaistu 16 tammikuu 2018
In early January Valmet issued an official press release about new equipment delivery to the "Nyagangazpererabotka" plant. The company is a subsidiary of the largest petrochemical holding of Russia and Eastern Europe SIBUR.
Popularity of Finland among tourists grows, as well as traffic jams on the border
Julkaistu 10 tammikuu 2018
According to the Consular Department of Finland in St.-Petersburg, the number of visas issued to Russians in 2017 increased by 64%. And the number of Finnish citizens, who wish to visit Russia, declined by a quarter.
Finnish companies freeze their business expansion because of falling demand
Julkaistu 26 2017
Fazer company, one of the largest producers of bread in the Northern capital, has suspended the construction project of a new plant and made a decision to focus on existing sites in 2018.
New equipment of Kalmar will go to the port of St. Petersburg in 2018
Julkaistu 19 2017
One of the largest seaports of the Baltic sea signed a contract with Finnish manufacturer Kalmar to supply new portal containers.
To get to Finland on New Year’s will be more difficult
Julkaistu 12 2017
Transport Ministry of the Russian Federation plans to ban the movement of buses on the most popular road from Vyborg to the border crossing point "Brusnichnoe". The decision was caused by a large number of accidents on this section of highway in winter. It is reported that the road will be closed until 31 March 2018.
Finnish companies lose their positions in the real estate market of the Russian Federation
Julkaistu 05 2017
In recent years the largest Finnish companies in the real estate market of the Russian Federation has lost about 11% of revenue. Despite the positive trend at the end of 2017, the entrepreneurs are not ready to resume investments in the sector and to change the development strategy.
Finland avoided the crisis in the export market
Julkaistu 28 2017
According to a report, published by the State Institute of economic research VATT and the Institute of Finnish economy ETLA, the financial collapse of Nokia didn’t led to a drop of export earnings of the country as a whole.
Finnish drivers are fined when travelling in Russia
Julkaistu 21 2017
Many drivers from the border areas of Finland have already faced changes in the traffic rules of the Russian Federation and now they prepare to travel more carefully.
Finnish Industrialists intend to develop production in Russia more actively
Julkaistu 16 2017
By the end of 2016 it was manufacturing companies which earned more than 50% of revenue of the 30 largest companies operating in Russia.
The Finnish company PayiQ signed a partnership agreement with the Russian Group of Companies LANIT
Julkaistu 08 2017
PayiQ company, as a developer of solutions on a one-time payment for travel on different means of transport, will cooperate with the Russian IT company LANIT in the field of payment services integration system in transport.
Businessmen from Finland told about the strategies to return on the Russian market during Finnish Business Forum
Julkaistu 01 2017
The largest Finnish business representatives shared their plans to return to the previous share of the Russian market during Finnish Business Forum held in St. Petersburg on October 26 this year.
Finns want to breed trout in Russia
Julkaistu 25 2017
The Finnish company Finnforel, rearing trout, is going to invest $90 million in the farming factory of rainbow trout in Russia.
Finland wants to issue a special residence permit for owners of startups
Julkaistu 18 2017
The Finnish government has proposed amendments to the Aliens Act. The government considers, that the changes will affect the issuance of a residence permit to entrepreneurs - owners of startups, experts and valuable professionals.
Cross-border IT cluster will be created in Finland and Karelia
Julkaistu 11 2017
The Russian Karelia and the Finnish district Savonlinna agreed to establish a cross-border IT cluster. The task of the IT-cluster is to create a knowledge base on a unified virtual platform to conduct foreign trade activities.
Huge outlet village to be built by the Finns in 2018 near Torfyanovka
Julkaistu 04 2017
The Finnish builders began to build the outlet village near the Torfyanovka checkpoint on the Russian-Finnish border on September 30.
A meeting was held between the Prime Ministers of Finland and Russia
Julkaistu 27 syyskuu 2017
Prime Ministers of Russia and Finland, Juha Sipilä and Dmitry Medvedev, discussed economic and trade ties between two countries at the meeting in St. Petersburg.
Construction of NPP "Hanhikivi-1" in Finland is postponed
Julkaistu 20 syyskuu 2017
The Finnish company Fennovoima decided to postpone obtaining a building permit to construct an NPP "Hanhikivi-1" in the Finnish municipality of Pyhäjoki.
The EU intends to point out the volume of logging to the timber industry of Finland
Julkaistu 12 syyskuu 2017
Next Wednesday on September 13, the European Parliament will work on changes in the pan-European program of land use and forestry, in particular, on the measures to reduce carbon emissions.
Finland stops to burn coal
Julkaistu 09 syyskuu 2017
Next year in Finland, the law will not allow to use coal to generate electricity
Russia and Finland tested train cars with increased lift capacity
Julkaistu 30 elokuu 2017
The first heavyweight company (PTK) jointly with the Russian Railways (RZD) tested train cars with load of 25 ton-force in direct connection and sent the cargo of KAO “Azot” company from Russia to Finland.

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