Russian tourism in Finland begins to revive

Russian tourism in Finland begins to revive
Julkaistu 04 2018
Last week the first results of the tourism industry in the border territories of Finland with the Russian Federation were summed up. According to experts, the crisis of 2014 in this area has been successfully overcome.

The joint meeting was organized by the tourist companies of St. Petersburg and the heads of Suomi cities, such as Savonlinna, Lappeenranta and so on, which are the most visited by the Russian tourists. Representatives of the Finnish side noted a steady increase in the number of tourists from the North-Western regions of Russia. The opening of new shopping centres and airports played an important role in this achievement.

So opened last week outlet Zsar broke all the expected forecasts of visits in the first weekend. On Saturday and Sunday more than 22 thousand people visited this Mall, designed mainly for the Russian tourists.

Also travelers from Russia are attracted by the offers of European low-cost airlines in the directions of popular EU resorts with departure from the border Finnish cities, which makes it possible to visit several countries, and also provides a lower ticket price.\