Finland is ready to invest in the garbage industry

Finland is ready to invest in the garbage industry
Julkaistu 12 helmikuu 2019
Last week pioneers in the field of garbage processing from Finland visited the Northern capital. Companies are ready to invest in the construction of new waste processing plants, introduce new technologies and make money on Russian garbage.

A striking example of successful work in this industry is the Finnish Specta – the company recycles a huge amount of thermoplastic PET, processing it into packaging materials. At the moment a significant expansion of production capacity is planned, as the resulting products are in high demand in the world market.

In addition, the representatives of the Finnish delegation indicated their interest in the creation of centers in the Leningrad region, allowing to produce energy in the processing of garbage. At the same time, this is not about banal waste incineration. On the basis of sorted garbage it is planned to produce solid recovered SRF fuel, which can then be easily used for heating residential buildings in an urban environment.