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Russia and Finland plan to restore trade relations by 2023
Published 6 November, 2015
With this statement agrees Valery Shlyamin, trade representative of the Russian Federation in Finland. Sanctions policy and decline in oil prices led to a significant decline in trade relations between Russia and Finland in 2015...
Drop of prices for manufactured products in Finland
Published 29 October, 2015
According to the Center of Statistics, as compared with September, 2014, prices for manufactured products in Finland decreased by 3.5% this year.
Turku was selected as the location for the Russian-Finnish Partneriat 2015
Published 22 October, 2015
The meeting of representatives of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia and Finland is scheduled for November 19-20, 2015...
Plywood manufacture in Finland will be desreased
Published 15 October, 2015
According to the Institute of Natural Resources, the volume of plywood manufacture in Finland by the end of 2015 will be reduced by 1%...
Wood imports to Finlanddropped 8% year on year
Published 8 October, 2015
For the period January to July 2015 imports of wood in Finland fell to 5.54 million m3 (-8%) as compared with the same period in 2014.
Wartsila will improve the operation of the LNG tankers GasLog
Published 1 October, 2015
The Finnish company Wartsila signed a contract for maintenance of seven tankers to transport liquefied natural gas and to ensure their continued operation.
The European Union will provide a grant for the construction of the first LNG terminal in Finland
Published 24 September, 2015
The EU will provide 23 million euros for the construction of a liquefied natural gas terminal with capacity of 30 thousand m3.
Finland entered new markets for dairy products
Published 17 September, 2015
The customs service of Finland reports that prohibited for importation into Russia dairy products were reoriented to Egypt and the Netherlands.
The first commercial ferry unloaded at multifunctional sea transshipping complex of St. Petersburg
Published 10 September, 2015
On September 8, 2015 in the port of “Bronka” unloaded the ferry Finnmill of the company Finnlines Group. Finnish ship delivered 25 units of marine tractors Terberg YT 222 with lifting capacity up to 35 tons. In addition, Finnmill unloaded in the port of St. Petersburg a new technique designed for operation of the port when working with the planned capacity of the first stage: 25 container chassis Novatech.
An increase in the main export branches in Finland in september
Published 3 September, 2015
Border services of Finland give data on small growth in the country's exports in early summer, and now the main indicators of industries have grown significantly.
Finnish export to Russia decreased in the first half of 2015 by 35%
Published 28 August, 2015
Finnish customs service reported that export dropped by 35% from the same period last year.
Finnish icebreaker Fennica delivers to Arctic equipment for Shell
Published 20 August, 2015
After obtaining of drilling permit from the US government the icebreaker will go to Chukchee Sea. Works on oil extraction will be carrying out here together with the largest company in its industry – Shell.
Wärtsilä will supply engines for a new dredging vessel "Scheldt River"
Published 13 August, 2015
The biggest Finnish machinery manufacturer Wärtsilä will supply the engine to the world's first dual-fuel dredging vessel.
25% of container import in Russia is overloaded by Baltic ports
Published 30 July, 2015
The research of the news agency "PortNews" made following the results of the firsthalf of 2015, revealed that on the background of a sharp decline in container traffic through Russian terminals, container freight TEUs, shipped through the Baltic ports, comprise almost25% of total container import.
Reduced demand on marine market led to the restructuring of the company Wärtsilä
Published 23 July, 2015
The number of new contracts in the shipbuilding industry remains low, and the extension of existing contracts is tabled with serious risks of refusal to supply.
The improvement of infrastructure in the ports of Helsinki and Tallinn is funded by the EU
Published 16 July, 2015
The European Commission provides 29.3 million euro to upgrade the infrastructure of ports of Tallinn and Helsinki on the approved project "Twin-Port II".
TIR stays at the Finnish-Russian border
Published 9 July, 2015
The dispute over the customs charges between "ASMAP" and Russian customs was resolved by the agreement between the parties to preserve previous agreements.
"Delicate" drugs will be shipped by a Finnish company
Published 3 July, 2015
The problem of the international carriage of medicines, which require special temperature conditions, is solved - the Finnish company Finnair Cargo was the first to receive the certificate for air transportation of  "delicate" medicinal drugs.
Reconstruction of "Brusnichnoe" is equally important for Finland and Russia
Published 25 June, 2015
On June 16, 2015 there was a meeting of representatives of the Ministries of Transport of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland – Sergei Aristov and Harri Pursiainen – regarding the cooperation between Russia and Finland in the field of transport. 

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