Warehouse cargo handling

Quality warehouse complex services of company «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» on cargo handling: accuracy of accounting, reliability, preservation and timeliness of delivery

Warehouse cargo handling means complex of measures taken with regard to the cargo from the moment of its arrival to the warehouse and until its dispatch to further route. Not only preservation of material assets that arrive to the warehouse, but also promptness of their delivery to the final destination depend on how efficiently the procedure of processing is organized.

Fitting with exclusively newest technological equipment and use in work of the most effective technologies have supported high level of demand for warehouse complex services of company «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» on cargo processing for 10 years.

Entrusting cargo processing to company «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy», you release you enterprise from the necessity to incur costs for maintenance and service of its own warehouses.

Our potential - is many years of experience, strict compliance with instructions in all the kinds of works with cargo, keeping up with the progress in all the professional spheres, maximum optimization and improvement of each operation in the course of cargo processing.

Our capabilities:

  • Over 20 employees that perfectly know their profession.
  • Over 30 units of specialized equipment.
  • Modern technical equipment, applied at all the stages of cargo processing.
  • The newest warehouse programs.
  • Constant availability of all the necessary materials for cargo packing and repacking, its marking, etc.
  • Quick and correct execution of transportation documentation.
  • License for execution of customs documents.

Thanks to rich potential and wide opportunities, company «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» offers full range of cargo handling services, which include:

  1. Standard services:
    • unloading and loading cargoes of different weight and volume manually or by machines;
    • acceptance of cargo arriving to the warehouse in line with characteristics or order codes required by the customer, its sorting and screening;
    • packing, repacking and palletizing cargo for subsequent transportation;
    • drawing up all the necessary transportation documents.
  2. Pre-sale cargo processing and preparation:
    • resorting of the cargo that arrived to the warehouse in line with the characteristics required by the client;
    • forming batches of goods in accordance with the client's instructions, including for promotional campaigns and presentations;
    • repacking of goods and their pre-sale marking with application of additional information;
    • adding enclosed materials - advertisement, informational and reference, etc. - to the batches;
    • performance of other operations that ensure full-fledged cargo preparation for sale.
  3. Cross docking is a set of measures on cargo processing without its placement for temporary or long-term storage in the company's warehouse.

If you have any questions or you would like to verify the cost of warehouse services for cargo processing in customs warehouse of company «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy», or enter into agreement for provision of those services, please contact us now. Telephone number of the office in Finland: +358 10 4233470.