Atria bets on the premium segment
Julkaistu 09 kesäkuu 2020
Finnish meat products manufacturer Atria plans to invest about 80 million rubles in the development of its Russian division. The main focus will be on the premium line owned by the company.
Finnish companies adapt to quarantine
Julkaistu 03 kesäkuu 2020
Against the background of the introduction of restrictive measures related to the coronavirus pandemic, many companies became online. Finland's largest mixer manufacturer, Oras, was no exception. The Russian division leveled the drop in sales due to the development of an online store.
Viking Line started preparing for the tourist season
Julkaistu 27 toukokuu 2020
One of the most famous ferry companies for Russian tourists, Viking Line, has started preparing for the upcoming tourist season, the timing of which has been significantly adjusted by the quarantine imposed due to coronavirus.
Finnair improves flight safety
Julkaistu 19 toukokuu 2020
Finland's largest airline, Finnair, is starting to gradually restore passenger routes that were canceled due to the quarantine. At the same time, considerable attention is paid to safety on board.
SVR construction projects in Russia were suspended
Julkaistu 13 toukokuu 2020
One of the largest Finnish construction companies, SVR, has put on pause the implementation of many projects in Russia. The reason is a significant drop in activity in the real estate market on the background of the coronavirus pandemic.
VR Group updates its fleet for transporting Russian methanol
Julkaistu 28 huhtikuu 2020
Finland's state-owned railway company VR Group has ordered 80 locomotives capable of carrying high-weight trains to optimize the delivery of methanol from the Russian Metafrax group. It is planned to close the contract in 6 years.
Nokia creates a network for electricity meters
Julkaistu 20 huhtikuu 2020
Finnish telecommunications giant Nokia will develop a 450 MHz wireless network for the Polish electricity supplier PGE Systemy. 4G technologies should eventually combine all Polish energy sources into a single system to increase its efficiency.
Finland plans to develop a rapid-test for coronavirus
Julkaistu 14 huhtikuu 2020
The VTT research and innovation center in Finland plans to introduce a new method of testing for detecting coronavirus in the near future. The work is carried out jointly with medical centers in Helsinki, as well as with international companies such as MeVac.
Smart gadgets from Finland will help to recognize the coronavirus
Julkaistu 07 huhtikuu 2020
The Finnish company Oura, the creators of various fitness gadgets, together with the experts from the University of California, have begun to develop new applications for “smart rings” O-Ring, which will detect the possibility of infection with coronavirus at an early stage.
Finnish companies move factories to produce products to combat covid-19
Julkaistu 01 huhtikuu 2020
Finn Flare, one of the most well-known Finnish clothing and footwear companies in Russia, has joined the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The Moscow factory started sewing off medical masks developed according to the international standards.
Finnish equipment is used for roasting Siberian coke
Julkaistu 24 maaliskuu 2020
Finnish machine-building concern Metso will soon supply equipment for the Irkutsk oil and gas sector in the amount of 30 million euros. The launch of the new line is scheduled for early 2023.
Finnish business changes plans due to covid-2019
Julkaistu 17 maaliskuu 2020
The annual forum Finnish Business, held in Saint Petersburg for representatives of Russian and Finnish businesses, has been moved to the autumn of this year. This was announced by the organizers of the event - the Finnish-Russian chamber of Commerce.
Finland will help Norilsk Nickel recycle batteries for electric cars
Julkaistu 11 maaliskuu 2020
Finnish state-owned energy company Fortum together with Russian Norilsk Nickel and German chemical concern BASF will create a new battery recycling facility in the West of Suomi. The resulting metals are planned to be reused in the future to create batteries for electric cars.
Finland increases its imports of Russian reindeer
Julkaistu 04 maaliskuu 2020
In the first two months of this year Finland imported almost 280 tons of reindeer meat produced in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district of the Russian Federation. This volume is almost 60% of the last year's deliveries.
Finnish equipment will be used for gold mining in the Magadan region
Julkaistu 28 helmikuu 2020
Finnish machine-building concern Metso, which specializes in the design and production of equipment for the mining industry, has signed a contract with the Russian gold mining company Pavlik JSC. The new equipment will be delivered at the beginning of the next year.
Russian robot will teach Finnish schoolchildren
Julkaistu 18 helmikuu 2020
The joint development of the Russian and Finnish technological universities, as well as the resident of the “Skolkovo” innovation center - “ROBBO” company, won a grant of more than 500,000 euros in the framework of the program for cooperation between the border regions of the two countries. Students in Finnish Karelia will start getting acquainted with the new method in March this year.
Smart lamps from Petrozavodsk started to be assembled in Finland
Julkaistu 12 helmikuu 2020
Russian manufacturer of modern led equipment PC "Energosberezhenie", based in Karelia, has launched production of its products in Finland. The main focus is on energy-saving technologies.
Vertical farms from Novosibirsk began to conquer Europe
Julkaistu 04 helmikuu 2020
IFarm company, which started as an experimental enterprise in Novosibirsk to develop a new generation of greenhouses, is now entering the EU market. For this purpose, a demonstration hall was opened near the capital of Finland.
Finn Flare increases the share of clothing made from recycled materials
Julkaistu 28 tammikuu 2020
The stores of the Finnish company Finn Flare will have a new collection of outerwear made using the new modern material rPet in the near future. The company plans to increase the share of nano fabrics in production to 30% in the future.
New high-speed route will connect the capitals of Russia and Finland
Julkaistu 21 tammikuu 2020
The representatives of the Ministry of foreign trade and development of Finland visited Moscow last week. The project of high-speed communication between the capitals of the two countries became a significant result of numerous business meetings.

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