Nokia actively switched to 5G
Julkaistu 13 tammikuu 2020
One of the most famous Finnish telecommunications companies Nokia has summed up the results of 2019. The main achievement of the Corporation can be considered the signing of more than 60 commercial contracts for the supply of equipment working with 5G networks.
Alice will help you to choose the color of the paint
Julkaistu 31 2019
One of the most famous Finnish companies in Russia - manufacturer of paint products Tikkurila - has launched a new online project to help customers in the selection of goods for repair. The platform was developed in conjunction with Yandex services.
Finland veterinary medicines entered the Internet market of the Russian Federation
Julkaistu 24 2019
Finnish pharmaceutical company Orion, which is the leader of Northern Europe in the development of drugs for humans and animals, has opened an online store of drugs for pets with delivery to Russia. The project was launched with the support of the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce.
Foreign apples in Finland are now banned
Julkaistu 17 2019
On December 14, a decree came into force on the territory of the European Union prohibiting the import of an extensive list of fruits, berries, as well as fresh flowers and seeds without providing the customs authorities with a phytosanitary certificate.
Finland will attract Russian tourists by new routes
Julkaistu 27 2019
At the end of last week representatives of the tourism sector of Russia and Finland presented a new project for the development of cross-border cooperation. About 60 new routes will be created to attract more tourists.
Russian scooter rental network is now in Helsinki
Julkaistu 19 2019
Samocat Sharing, an automatic scooter rental network, is now officially represented in the capital of Finland. This year the Russian share service signed a contract with the Helsinki Department of transport.
New project for Russian agricultural producers registered in Finland
Julkaistu 12 2019
Russian distributor Magnum, which supplies spare parts for foreign agricultural machinery in Russia, plans to create a platform in Finland for direct procurement and logistics. The new legal entity Megano Oy was registered in early November.
Nord Stream 2 accelerates Finnish exports to Russia
Julkaistu 07 2019
According to experts, obtaining the latest permit from Denmark for the construction of the Nord stream 2 gas pipeline will further increase the volume of exports from Finland to Russia due to the shipment of concreted pipes.
The Finnish side asks to solve the issue of electronic visas in "Allegro”
Julkaistu 29 2019
The leadership of St. Petersburg promises in the near future to resolve the issue of the use of digital visas by Finnish tourists entering the territory of Russia by high-speed trains. At present passengers of "Allegro" train can not take advantage of this simplification.
New pulp mill in Ust-Ilimsk will be equipped with Finnish cleaning systems
Julkaistu 21 2019
The largest Russian producer of cellulose and cardboard “Ilim " and concern Econet signed an agreement on joint work in the project of construction of a new plant in the Irkutsk region. The Finnish company will install modern treatment facilities, which are ideal for the pulp and paper industry.
Finland will present innovative solutions in the organization of educational space
Julkaistu 15 2019
Next week, Moscow will host a specialized exhibition, fully covering all issues in the organization of educational space. Isku company, which has been operating in the Finnish market for almost 100 years, will present its new solutions.
The Russian retail will include even more Finnish technologies
Julkaistu 08 2019
K. Hartwall company, one of the largest Finnish manufacturers of modern equipment for efficient operation of retail facilities, has established a subsidiary in Russia. This will significantly increase the efficiency of interaction with Russian customers.
Infoservice for tourists on the Finnish border will be tested until the end of November
Julkaistu 01 2019
Until the end of November the Finnish customs authorities will test the new application for tourists crossing the border of Suomi and Russia. At the moment the information program is working at the border crossing near the Saimaa canal.
In 2020 a new system of travel tickets will be launched in Imatra
Julkaistu 26 syyskuu 2019
Estonian innovative company Ridango enters the Finnish market and plans to launch a new system of tickets for public transport in Imatra next year. Electronic travel cards should replace paper and plastic ones.
Gastronomic dishes of Finland attract tourists more than fishing
Julkaistu 17 syyskuu 2019
In Moscow representatives of the official tourism website Visit Finland held a meeting with Finnish companies working in the tourism sector. Summing up the summer holiday season will allow market participants to work out the direction of development for the next year.
The electronic platform will unite Railway state-owned companies of Russia and Finland
Julkaistu 10 syyskuu 2019
Finnish state-owned railway company VR-Yhtymä Oy plans to launch its own electronic trading platform based on the developments of Russian specialists by the beginning of next year. At the same time, the online service must be synchronized with the ETP of the Russian Railways (RZD).
Suomi startups were invested almost 500 million euros last year
Julkaistu 03 syyskuu 2019
Representatives of the Finland Association, responsible for raising capital in the country, recorded record volumes of foreign investments in young businesses. Last year this figure amounted to 479 million euros, almost half of them were high-risk investments in innovative projects.
Valio sales in Russia are growing faster than at home
Julkaistu 27 elokuu 2019
At the end of last year, the Russian division of Valeo, one of the most famous Finnish dairy companies, showed an increase of more than 1.5%. This is almost 3 times more than the growth of the concern's turnover at home in Finland.
The Finnish program to start to monitor Russian forests
Julkaistu 20 elokuu 2019
A young company from Finland Terramonitor introduced a new product for the Russian market - the Forest Monitor program should help logging companies in Russia in their daily work, including compliance with all applicable laws.
Itella is ready for the beginning of mass marking in Russia
Julkaistu 13 elokuu 2019
Last week, Itella company, a branch of Posti Group in Russia, announced its plans for the near future: the priority will be the renewal of warehouses and the preparation of large-scale labeling of goods in Russia.

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