Russia is developing golf tourism
Julkaistu 06 elokuu 2019
Representatives of the Russian tourism business actively advertise Russian Golf clubs in Finland. These sites will become even more attractive with the introduction of electronic visas.
Honka opens new facilities for tourists
Julkaistu 30 heinäkuu 2019
The Finnish company Honka, the world leader in the production of houses made of environmentally friendly wood, presented a new project in the resort town of Kupio. The tourist complex will be another reason to visit Finland.
Sunny Kuban is preparing to supply wine to Finland
Julkaistu 24 heinäkuu 2019
Representatives of the diplomatic corps of Finland and the head of the Krasnodar region discussed at the regular meeting the possibility of supplying Kuban wines and a wide range of food products marked with "eco" to Suomi.
The number of applications for Finnish visas is breaking records
Julkaistu 18 heinäkuu 2019
Representatives of the diplomatic corps of Finland in Russia reported an unprecedented increase in visa applications from Russians this month. The increase only in recent weeks was more than 35%.
Finnish Corporation Raute opens a new service center at region Vyatka
Julkaistu 09 heinäkuu 2019
The Finnish company Raute, one of the world leaders in the field of equipment for the woodworking industry, plans to open the second in Russia customer service center.
Fazer sells its restaurant business in Estonia
Julkaistu 25 kesäkuu 2019
Fazer, as one of the most famous Finnish food producers, announced its intention to sell one of its Estonian divisions related to the catering sector. The deal is currently under consideration by the European Commission.
Production of Finnish tires in St. Petersburg is planned to expand
Julkaistu 18 kesäkuu 2019
At the last SPIEF-2019, the head of the Leningrad region held talks with representatives of Nokian Tyres – one of the largest companies in the production of automobile tires. In the future, it is planned to expand production and increase the number of participants in the Hakka Guarantee program.
Russia and Finland to lay fiber optic in the Arctic
Julkaistu 11 kesäkuu 2019
One of the leading mobile operators in Russia MegaFon and Finnish Cinia, specializing in data networks, signed an agreement on the development of the Arctic route for high-speed fiber optic lines.
Finland is concerned about the decline in the price for Estonian alcohol
Julkaistu 04 kesäkuu 2019
Representatives of Finnish alcohol producers are concerned about the change in the excise tax on wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages in Estonia. This can lead to a drop in tax revenues in Finland itself.
Google will bring maximum investments to the South of Finland
Julkaistu 29 toukokuu 2019
One of the largest search engines in the world plans to make a record investment in the field of environmentally friendly production – almost 600 million euros.
Finnish business studies Bashkortostan
Julkaistu 21 toukokuu 2019
At the beginning of this week, a group of Finnish business representatives, headed by official representatives of the Embassy of the country in Russia, will visit the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan to strengthen existing ties and search for new projects.
Freight traffic between Finland and China is becoming permanent
Julkaistu 14 toukokuu 2019
The rail freight route between Anhui province in Eastern China and the capital of Finland began to operate on a regular basis. Delivery of the container takes no more than two weeks.
Skolkovo will help Finnish IT-giants in search of innovations
Julkaistu 08 toukokuu 2019
Last week the delegation, representing the Russian innovation complex Skolkovo, visited the representative office of the Finnish industry East Office, and held talks with the largest Finnish companies in the field of IT-technologies.
Finnish yogurt to conquer the «Galaxy»
Julkaistu 30 huhtikuu 2019
The company "Valio", one of the most famous Finnish dairy producers in Russia, has invested more than 70 million rubles in a new production line at the largest production "Galaxy" in the North-West region.
Finnish sports brands continue to conquer the Russian market
Julkaistu 23 huhtikuu 2019
Finnish manufacturers of goods for sports and outdoor activities seek to expand their presence in the Russian market, including through the opening of the company stores with personalized service. An example is the new Jokikone store opened in Petrozavodsk.
Svetogorsk is going to be made a new "tourist gate" to Finland
Julkaistu 17 huhtikuu 2019
This week the specialists of the Russian company Transport Integration will present a study on the assessment of passenger traffic between the two countries to the government structures of Finland for discussion. The city of Svetogorsk is recognized as a promising point.
The Finnish manufacturer will expand at the expense of Russian garbage
Julkaistu 09 huhtikuu 2019
One of the world's leading manufacturers of disposable tableware Huhtamaki plans to invest more than 40 million euros in the production capacity of the complex, located in Moscow suburbs.
The NLMK group will expand production using Finnish technologies
Julkaistu 02 huhtikuu 2019
Representatives of international steel NLMK group signed a contract with the Finnish manufacturer of equipment for the metallurgical and mining industry Outotec in the amount of EUR 15 million. The project is expected to be completed in two years.
Finnish companies went to Ural
Julkaistu 26 maaliskuu 2019
This week more than 20 Finnish companies as part of a large business delegation will visit several million-person cities in the Ural mountains. The visit takes place under the auspices of the Finnish-Russian CCI and the Finnish Ambassador in Russia.
Finnish web developments enter the Latin American market
Julkaistu 19 maaliskuu 2019
Developers of new modern software and Internet solutions in Finland have recently started actively entering the international market. To a large extent, this is facilitated by state programs to support small businesses.

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