Finnish customs to change the rules for transit goods

Finnish customs to change the rules for transit goods
Publishedо 9 January, 2019
Since the beginning of 2019 changes to the customs legislation of Suomi have been made, the purpose of which is to systematize and lead to uniform standards of work with transit cargo.

According to the new rules, opening of the transit declaration and beginning of the customs procedure is not possible until the cargo or car/railway car is sealed. Sealing or stamping is carried out by the authorized sender with the provision of a full and most detailed description of the goods. At the same time, the licensed sender has the opportunity not to deliver the goods directly to the customs post or demonstrate it to the employees of the department.

In other cases, only customs decides whether it is possible to open transit for a particular consignment without sealing, and whether access to the goods will be necessary in the subsequent stages after the opening of the procedure.