Finland prepares for the summer season 2019

Finland prepares for the summer season 2019
Julkaistu 07 2018
Finland started preparing for the new summer tourist season 2019 for the Russians. Special attention is paid to road transport.

Taking into account the fact that since the beginning of this year the number of Russians who visited Suomi as tourists has decreased by almost 1% compared to 2017, the government intends to take a number of steps to change the situation. After all, passenger traffic continues to fall since 2013. The Ministry of transport of Finland thus approved the construction project of a new route from Vyborg to the nearest checkpoint. In the future, the road should take on the main load, with which the existing path around the Saimaa canal is not coping now, especially in the tourist season.

In addition, the Finnish carrier Ecolines plans to launch new routes next spring. Comfortable buses will go between the Northern capital and Lappeenranta airport. This will attract even more flights of European low-cost airlines.