Russia and Finland to launch new eco-projects

Russia and Finland to launch new eco-projects
Julkaistu 12 maaliskuu 2019
Using the resources of the joint program "Russia — South-Eastern Finland 2020-2024", two new programs aimed at the development of bilateral cooperation in the field of ecology and high-tech developments were launched recently.

Environmental agencies of St. Petersburg and border Lappeenranta started testing jointly developed technologies for wastewater treatment without the use of chemical reagents. The main elements of this innovation are special microorganisms that produce biodegradation of pollutants, as well as rock shungite, which has high absorbent properties and accelerates the chemical reactions of the purification process.

Representatives of the technical universities of St. Petersburg and Lappeenranta launched a joint EFREA project to develop a unique wind turbine capable of operating in the Arctic cold. At the moment the natural conditions of the zone of use of the installation, possible temperature deviations and the wind map of the region are being studied. Based on the data obtained, as well as taking into account the characteristics of the currently available materials, the optimal design of the windmill, ground or floating, will be chosen. Such high-mobility wind turbines can be used to power remote areas of the Arctic.