Documental services

Documental services of company «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» - quick, accurate and quality!

Any movement of goods, including their physical relocation, is related with execution of documents that are strictly regulated by the norms of law. Not only destiny of the cargo itself, but also image of the company, including in the eyes of controlling services, depend on correctness of documentation execution.

Understanding the importance and necessity of maximum exactness and correctness of transportation documents preparation, company «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» is ready to accept liability for cargo documentation at all the stages of its transportation and storage.

Our potential includes: centralized software connected to Finnish customs system; clear understanding of client's requirements, independent of the size of their enterprise; highly-skilled lawyers with invaluable work experience, which monitor the slightest changes in the applicable laws for the avoidance of unforeseen situations.

Our capabilities:

  • Quick execution of the necessary documents without visit to customs authorities.
  • Wide range of executed documentation thanks to having own licenses, including the license for electronic execution (declarations of conformity and certificates, transit declaration T1, EX-A/B/C/D, electronic Tir Carnet and a host of other items)
  • assistance in execution of documents for the goods that fall under the norms of laws on non-tariff regulating.

Thanks to rich potential and wide opportunities, company «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» offers wide range of documental services, which include:

  • execution of export declarations EX-A, EX-B, EX-C, EX-D;
  • execution of transit declaration T1;
  • electronic prior declaration; electronic Tir Carnet;
  • declaration of compliance and certification of different groups of goods;
  • declaration of customs value;
  • state registration of products and receiving the certificate;
  • expert examination of products and documentation;
  • execution of conclusions concerning used goods;
  • preparation of other permission documentation for goods export and import;
  • preparation of statements, information letters, etc.

The presented list of documental services provided by «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» is not exhaustive. For more detailed information, please contact the specialists of the legal service of the company. Telephone number of the office in Finland: +358 10 4233470.