«Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» company is an expert of warehouse logistics in Finland

«Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» company is a large logistics company, which carries out its activities in Finland, and which has operated in the market of logistic services for over 20 years. Providing a full range of storage and documentary services, we can also offer our clients delivery of cargoes, using a number of undeniable advantages.

The company has the most favorable geographic location in the Finnish city of Esppo:

  • Our warehouses are located in close proximity to the international ways of communication - Helsinki-Vuosaari port and Helsinki - Vantaa freight airport.
  • Next to «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» warehouse complex there is E-18 highway, which also allows us to receive and forward cargoes promptly in any direction.

The company has all the logistical capabilities to provide the full range of warehouse logistics and reliable cargo safety:

  • Warehouses with the total area of ​​5250 m2 for temporary and long-term storage of transit and European cargoes.
  • Additional warehouses of temporary storage and customs and logistics terminals in Estonia.
  • The terminal can accommodate up to 9 trucks simultaneously, which guarantees high-speed reception and warehouse handling of cargoes.
  • 24-hour security and video surveillance provide reliable cargo safety at any stage of its presence in the territory of the company.

In addition to the warehouse services, «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» company can provide services on registration of bills of lading and customs documents for cargoes to its customers. Any document will be issued as soon as possible, thanks to:

  • Own licenses, including to the electronic issuance of transport documents (EX-A/B/C/D, T1, electronicTirCarnet);
  • Centralized software connected to the Finnish customs system that allows executing necessary documents without visiting the customs authorities.

All works with a cargo starting from its acceptance to the company warehouses up to its forwarding to the client are performed by:

  • Permanent staff with years of experience – experienced professionals with superior skills.
  • Services are provided in three languages: Russian, English and Finnish.

If you are looking for a reliable company that is able to provide quality logistics services – you found it. Call the managers of «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» company now +358 10 4233470 (Finland) to get more information about our services.

KOMERK’s services

Temporary storage warehouse of company «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» in Finland is correct solution for storage of any cargo

Warehouse storage is one of the most important stages in logistics chain, crucial for cargo preservation, as well as efficiency and promptness of its processing and transporting.

Entrusting your cargo to «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy», you can have full confidence in care and reliability of its storage, correctness of its processing and completing and accuracy of its accounting and executing.

Our potential is 10-year experience, during which we have thoroughly developed each stage of work on cargo acceptance until its dispatch to the client, sharpened professionalism of the staff and perfected all the technologies involved in the process.

Our capabilities:

  • Warehouse premises with total area of 5,250m2, which include long-term storage warehouses and short-term storage warehouses.
  • Around the clock video surveillance, security and clear control over all the cargoes on the warehouse territory.
  • Promptness of cargo acceptance and dispatch, stipulated by convenient location of warehouses near cargo ports, airports and highway E-18, as well as availability of own licenses for execution of transportation documents.
  • Excellent technical equipment of warehouses and terminal.
  • Customs terminal.

Entrust your cargo to the professionals - call specialists of «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» right now. Telephone number of the office in Finland: +358 10 4233470.

Quality warehouse complex services of company «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» on cargo handling: accuracy of accounting, reliability, preservation and timeliness of delivery

Warehouse cargo handling means complex of measures taken with regard to the cargo from the moment of its arrival to the warehouse and until its dispatch to further route. Not only preservation of material assets that arrive to the warehouse, but also promptness of their delivery to the final destination depend on how efficiently the procedure of processing is organized.

Our potential - is many years of experience, strict compliance with instructions in all the kinds of works with cargo, keeping up with the progress in all the professional spheres, maximum optimization and improvement of each operation in the course of cargo processing.

Our capabilities:

  • Over 20 employees that perfectly know their profession.
  • Over 30 units of specialized equipment.
  • Modern technical equipment, applied at all the stages of cargo processing.
  • The newest warehouse programs.
  • Constant availability of all the necessary materials for cargo packing and repacking, its marking, etc.
  • Quick and correct execution of transportation documentation.
  • License for execution of customs documents.

If you have any questions or you would like to verify the cost of warehouse services for cargo processing in customs warehouse of company «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy», or enter into agreement for provision of those services, please contact us now.
Telephone number of the office in Finland: +358 10 4233470.

Documental services of company «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» - quick, accurate and quality!

Any movement of goods, including their physical relocation, is related with execution of documents that are strictly regulated by the norms of law. Not only destiny of the cargo itself, but also image of the company, including in the eyes of controlling services, depend on correctness of documentation execution.

Our potential includes: centralized software connected to Finnish customs system; clear understanding of client's requirements, independent of the size of their enterprise; highly-skilled lawyers with invaluable work experience, which monitor the slightest changes in the applicable laws for the avoidance of unforeseen situations.

Our capabilities:

  • Quick execution of the necessary documents without visit to customs authorities.
  • Wide range of executed documentation thanks to having own licenses, including the license for electronic execution (declarations of conformity and certificates, transit declaration T1, EX-A/B/C/D, electronic Tir Carnet and a host of other items)
  • assistance in execution of documents for the goods that fall under the norms of laws on non-tariff regulating.

The presented list of documental services provided by «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» is not exhaustive. For more detailed information, please contact the specialists of the legal service of the company. Telephone number of the office in Finland: +358 10 4233470.

At the end of February, the European Union approved another package of restrictive measures against Russia, which seriously affects the work of European manufacturers with buyers from countries such as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and so on. Now, before sending the goods, they will have to be carefully checked for the possibility of their use in the military industry.
Published 3 March, 2023
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Office: 02920, Finland, Espoo, Juvan Teollisuusatu 25,
Telephone: +358 10 4233470
Office hours: from 9am to 5pm Monday - Friday

Warehouse: 02920, Finland, Espoo, Juvan Teollisuusatu 25,
Building 4, Gates 50-52
Telephone: +358 10 4233477
Working hours: from 8am to 4pm Monday - Friday

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