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European Customs recalls sanctions
Published 24 May, 2022
The General Directorate of Customs of Finland reminds exporters of the current restrictions on the export of a number of goods to Russia and calls for careful inspection of goods before shipment. When submitting a declaration, the sender must provide all the necessary documents and permits from the authorized bodies of the European Union.
Valio leaves, but remains
Published 28 April, 2022
One of the most famous Finnish food brands in Russia Valio sells a plant located in the village of Ershovo, Moscow region. The terms of the transaction will remain classified at the request of the parties.
One of the checkpoints in South Karelia is closed
Published 21 April, 2022
Representatives of the border structures of Finland and Russia agreed to suspend the operation of the Shuvyaoro-Parikkala checkpoint. Neighboring crossings, including Imatra - Svetogorsk, operate in limited mode.
Nokia says goodbye to Russia
Published 13 April, 2022
Due to constantly updated sanctions restrictions, many companies become uncomfortable and not profitable to work in the Russian market. Another "fugitive" was the Finnish Nokia.
Fortum transfers Russian TPPs to gas
Published 6 April, 2022
The Finnish energy concern Fortum has completed a project to modernize the Chelyabinsk TPP-2 thermal power plant. Now the TPP will be able to generate the planned amount of electricity and heat using a minimum amount of coal.
Finnish agriculture became more expensive by 30%
Published 23 March, 2022
The tense situation with fuel and fertilizer prices that has recently developed in Europe has led to an increase in prices in the Finnish agricultural sector by almost a third. The rates for targeted loans for the development of the industry have also increased.
Covid restrictions were extended until April 10
Published 17 March, 2022
Taking into account the significantly increased flow of citizens currently moving around the territory of the European Union, Finland has extended the restrictive measures in force when crossing the border until April 10.
The skies are closed, the railway is still in service
Published 2 March, 2022
Since February 28, Finland has officially closed its airspace to aircraft of Russian airlines. The changes will also affect a number of flights to Asian countries due to the need to adjust routes.
Fazer's bread has become even "greener"
Published 23 February, 2022
The Russian division of the Finnish food company Fazer announced the complete transfer of industrial bakeries located in St. Petersburg to "green" energy. Electricity comes from local hydroelectric power plants.
Finland is increasing transit through Russia
Published 15 February, 2022
According to statistics, last year the maximum number of transit containers from China intended for buyers in Finland passed through the territory of the Russian Federation. In mid-December, the number of TEU exceeded 1 million.
Rosatom increases its presence in the Finnish atom
Published 9 February, 2022
One of the largest construction companies in Finland, SVR, decided to withdraw from the Hanhikivi nuclear power plant construction project and sell a stake in the Fennovoima management company. The shares will pass into the possession of Rosatom.
Novgorod PDA attracts Finnish capital
Published 3 February, 2022
Representatives of the consular department of Finland in Russia visited the Novgorod region and discussed new areas of joint work with the leadership of the region. The most interesting for Finnish investors is the priority development area with preferential working conditions.
Fortum will develop supported by Gazprom
Published 26 January, 2022
The Finnish state energy company Fortum, specializing in alternative energy sources, will continue to develop in Russia with the support of Gazprombank JSC. The joint venture will be established in the near future.
Valio has started developing milk "from the future"
Published 19 January, 2022
Following the policy of "green" production and promoting agricultural sustainability, one of the largest Finnish dairy producers Valio began research in the field of synthesizing food components.
Finland will start accepting foreign covid passports
Published 12 January, 2022
At the end of December last year, Finland adjusted the legislative framework governing the movement of citizens across the border in the context of the covid-19 pandemic. Now tourists who have received a vaccination passport outside the European Union will be able to visit the country.
Komerk wishes you a happy holiday season!
Published 22 December, 2021
Komerk Logistics Finland Oy, one of the leading logistics service providers in Finland, wishes its partners a happy holiday season and look forward to continued and fruitful collaboration!
Nokian continues to conquer the Russian market
Published 16 December, 2021
The Russian division of the Finnish company Nokian Tyres has shown impressive sales growth this year, despite the general market instability associated with the pandemic. The plant in Vsevolozhsk worked with maximum load.
Allegro will be launched on Sunday, but not for everyone
Published 8 December, 2021
The State Railway Company of Finland VR Group together with the Russian Railways will reopen the movement of Allegro high-speed trains on the route Helsinki - St. Petersburg this week.
Electronic seals from Russia will be tested on European routes
Published 1 December, 2021
To create new transit transport corridors, Russian companies working in the field of transport telemetry have launched a project on the use of navigation seals on European routes.
Fortum will make Russian fertilizers more environmentally friendly
Published 23 November, 2021
Finnish energy company Fortum is actively promoting the use of renewable energy sources in Russia. The next stage of development will be the supply of electricity for one of the world's largest producers of potash fertilizers.

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