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Finland switches to Trans-Siberian Railway
Published 21 April, 2021
Finland continues to actively develop railway routes for cargo delivery to Asian partners through the territory of the Russian Federation. The other day, more than 40 containers of Finnish products were shipped from Helsinki to Japan using the Trans-Siberian LandBridge service.
M-GROUP opens Russian business for Finland
Published 14 April, 2021
The representative office of the Russian company M-GROUP, which provides analytical and information services about companies operating in the Russian Federation, has started active work in Finland. This will make it easier for neighboring countries to operate in times of pandemic.
Reima attracts new customers with online services
Published 7 April, 2021
Reima, one of the most famous Finnish brands of children's clothing, offers customers from Russia a new remote online sample service, developed jointly with the AstraFit platform during the pandemic. This will keep sales high despite quarantine restrictions.
Finland launches information covid services for Russians
Published 2 April, 2021
South Karelia region, together with Helsinki medical institutions, has developed the Finentry information portal, which provides all the necessary information on restrictions in force in Finland due to the covid-19 pandemic.
In anticipation of tourists, the port of Kotka will be modernized
Published 25 March, 2021
Hamina-Kotka, one of Suomi's largest ports, plans to open a new terminal next year to receive tourists traveling by liners around the Gulf of Finland. The main bet is on passengers from St. Petersburg.
Finland introduces mobile applications for public transport in Russia
Published 19 March, 2021
PayiQ, which actively promotes the concept of “smart tickets” for public transport in Finland, has launched the first full-fledged mobile application developed jointly with Russian companies that allows you to quickly top up your travel card. The first users of the new system will be residents of Ryazan.
Russian Atom shifts from Nokia to 5G
Published 12 March, 2021
One of the leading developers of 5G technologies, the Finnish corporation Nokia, has completed testing of a specially designed network at the Chepetsk Metallurgical Plant. It is the world's largest producer of metals and alloys used as nuclear fuel.
Finland extends participation in the “green” energy sector of Russia
Published 4 March, 2021
Finland's state-owned energy company Fortum Corporation continues to invest in Russian projects related to renewable energy sources. The next step is the construction of a solar electric park in the south of the Russian Federation.
Finnish fast food hopes for a quick recovery from quarantine
Published 18 February, 2021
Atria, one of the largest food companies in Finland, has decided to focus its Russian division's work on the fast food market. According to experts, this industry should increase rapidly after the easing of quarantine restrictions.
Finnish business in Russia vaccinated by Sputnik V
Published 11 February, 2021
Representatives of Finnish businesses in Russia are actively interested in the possibility of Sputnik V vaccination, including for employees of their own companies. This may become an additional factor in the restoration of trade turnover between the countries in the conditions of global quarantine.
Finland will help the EAEU to establish digital communication with Europe
Published 4 February, 2021
At a recent meeting of representatives of the diplomatic corps of Finland and the trade bloc of the EAEU Commission, the issue of solving the problem of falling trade turnover between the Union and European countries, which declined against the background of the covid-19 pandemic, was raised.
Finnair returns to Russian sky
Published 28 January, 2021
This week, at the initiative of the Russian side, the ban on air travel between Finland and the Russian Federation was lifted. Residents of Suomi will be able to arrive in St. Petersburg on Finnair flights this week.
Krasnodar winemakers enter the Finnish market
Published 21 January, 2021
Kuban-Wine, one of the largest wineries in Russia, with the assistance of the leadership of Krasnodar Krai, has agreed on the supply of its own alcoholic beverages to the Finnish market. Chateau Tamagne wines will be the first to appear on store shelves.
Fortum became a co-owner of the Russian Green Energy Development Fund
Published 13 January, 2021
Finnish state-owned energy company Fortum Corporation has become a partner of the Direct Investment Fund in Russia in a new company whose activities will be aimed at developing the “green” electricity sector. The controlling stake will remain with the Russian side.
Metso Outotec to supply new furnaces for Russian Nickel
Published 23 December, 2020
Norilsk Nickel, Russia's largest non-ferrous metal producer, will upgrade its smelting line at one of its facilities located beyond the Arctic circle in the coming year. Metso Outotec, a specialist in mining and metallurgical technologies, will develop and manufacture the equipment.
Russia and Finland's railways are increasing turnover even during the crisis
Published 17 December, 2020
State operators of the railways of Finland and Russia - VR-Yhtymä and Russian Railways - summed up their joint work in 2020. Despite the difficult economic situation and the closure of borders to ordinary passengers, total traffic continues to grow.
FinScan's new line started operating in the Arkhangelsk region
Published 10 December, 2020
Finnish company FinScan, specializing in high-tech automatic systems for evaluating and sorting sawn products, has launched a new line at several enterprises of the Ustyansky timber industry.
Nokia tests solutions for switching to 5G in Russia
Published 3 December, 2020
The Finnish company Nokia, one of the leaders in the development of 5G technology, has conducted test launches of new software for AirScale communication stations operating in the network of the Russian operator MegaFon. The Research Institute of radio named after M. I. Krivosheev took part in the work.
New quarantine restrictions are introduced in major cities of Finland
Published 25 November, 2020
Due to the continuing increase in the daily number of cases of coronavirus infection in the capital and other major cities, the Finnish government is introducing stricter restrictive measures for three weeks. Their validity can be extended until the end of the year.
Finland will start buying tannery raw materials in Yakutia
Published 20 November, 2020
Representatives of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East held talks with Lapin Nahka company, which has been one of the best suppliers of deer skins in Finland for more than 50 years. The main goal is to establish the supply of leather raw materials from Russian manufacturers.

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