Warehouse services

Temporary storage warehouse of company «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» in Finland is correct solution for storage of any cargo

Warehouse storage is one of the most important stages in logistics chain, crucial for cargo preservation, as well as efficiency and promptness of its processing and transporting.

Entrusting your cargo to «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy», you can have full confidence in care and reliability of its storage, correctness of its processing and completing and accuracy of its accounting and executing.

Our potential is 10-year experience, during which we have thoroughly developed each stage of work on cargo acceptance until its dispatch to the client, sharpened professionalism of the staff and perfected all the technologies involved in the process.

Our capabilities:

  • Warehouse premises with total area of 5,250m2, which include long-term storage warehouses and short-term storage warehouses.
  • Around the clock video surveillance, security and clear control over all the cargoes on the warehouse territory.
  • Promptness of cargo acceptance and dispatch, stipulated by convenient location of warehouses near cargo ports, airports and highway E-18, as well as availability of own licenses for execution of transportation documents.
  • Excellent technical equipment of warehouses and terminal.
  • Customs terminal.

Thanks to rich potential and wide opportunities, customs warehouses of company «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» in Finland offer wide range of warehouse services, which include:

  • cargo storage on open pads and in covered premises with different requirements to thermal regime;
  • long-term and short-term cargo storage;
  • storage of cargo of any hazard degree;
  • unloading and loading of any complexity degree;
  • cargo photographing and weighing;
  • sorting, completing, repacking, marking and palletizing;
  • execution of the necessary transportation documents for cargo dispatch to the territory of the Russian Federation or any other country of the world.

We have been trusted for 10 years. Entrust your cargo to the professionals - call specialists of «Komerk Logistics Finland Oy» right now. Telephone number of the office in Finland: +358 10 4233470.