Itella introduces IoT technologies to Russian pharmacists
Julkaistu 03 elokuu 2021
Itella, one of the most famous Finnish suppliers of warehouse and logistics services in Russia, offers its customers a new storage format using the Internet of Things concept. The first customers were the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the Russian Federation.
Herd immunity is a long way off
Julkaistu 27 heinäkuu 2021
Last week, Finland recorded a significant surge in the number of new cases of covid-19. Despite the massive vaccination campaign, collective immunity in the country will not arise soon.
Rostov combine harvesters will be supplied to Finland
Julkaistu 20 heinäkuu 2021
Russian holding Rostselmash, one of the world's largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery, will soon start supplying its products to Finland. Heftway Oy, the local importer of equipment and cars, will assist in promoting the market.
The port of St. Petersburg is ready to accept Finnish “under sanctions” goods
Julkaistu 13 heinäkuu 2021
The Government of the Russian Federation has adjusted the list of customs posts that can accept European-made goods included in the sanctions list for transit within Russia. Now the Big Port of St. Petersburg and Vladivostok is also open for cargo.
Bus service between Finland and Russia is recovering
Julkaistu 06 heinäkuu 2021
European carrier Ecolines, specializing in bus service, will resume the St. Petersburg-Helsinki route from July 15. However, tourists will not yet be able to use this service.
Finland and Russia have launched a new intercontinental route
Julkaistu 30 kesäkuu 2021
The Finnish logistics concern Nurminen Logistics and the division of the Russian operator Russian Railways responsible for multimodal transportation have launched the first train along the North-South intercontinental transport corridor. In 2 weeks, the cargo should arrive at its destination - Nhava-Sheva, the largest seaport in India.
The EU standard vaccination certificate is now in effect in Finland
Julkaistu 23 kesäkuu 2021
Since June 22, a certificate of  a common form for the entire European Union confirming the fact of vaccination will be valid in Finland. This document will significantly facilitate the movement of citizens within the country and across the EU.
Finland's ships will become the greenest
Julkaistu 17 kesäkuu 2021
Finland's environmental program, aimed at reducing carbon emissions by zero by 2035, is being implemented, among other things, through innovative developments in shipbuilding. The main area of work is the modernization of powertrains.
Finnish specialists will help Vologda in fish farming
Julkaistu 10 kesäkuu 2021
At the economic forum held in St. Petersburg, the delegation from Finland showed great interest in developing joint projects with the regions participating in the Silver Ring of Russia project. And it's not just about tourism.
Nokian's unique warehouse was opened near St. Petersburg
Julkaistu 01 kesäkuu 2021
Finnish company Nokian Tyres, one of the most popular car tire manufacturers among Russians, has put into operation a new innovative warehouse. Modern technology will allow storing more than half a million units of finished products.
Finnish developments were used to protect the aircraft carrier in Sheremetyevo
Julkaistu 25 toukokuu 2021
The products of the Finnish company Nor-Maali, the developer of innovative industrial paints and coatings for metal and concrete, were used in the expansion of Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport territory.
The pandemic crisis has had virtually no impact on Logset sales in Russia
Julkaistu 18 toukokuu 2021
According to the results of the first quarter of 2021, Logset, one of the most well-known Finnish suppliers of wood harvesting equipment in Russia, noted a positive trend in sales. This indicates overcoming the covid-19 pandemic crisis and strengthening cooperation with Russian buyers.
Russian-Finnish development will help clean up the waters of the ports
Julkaistu 12 toukokuu 2021
Russian and Finnish innovative companies, together with the universities of St. Petersburg and Lappeenranta, have begun the next stage of testing a modern complex that will allow water purification, including in port areas, at a qualitatively different level.
Finnish navigator will help in the delivery of gas to the EU
Julkaistu 27 huhtikuu 2021
The Finnish company Wärtsilä Oyj, a specialist in integrated solutions for the marine and energy markets, has become the official supplier of software for ten vessels that will in the future deliver liquefied natural gas to the European Union from Russian deposits in Yamal.
Finland switches to Trans-Siberian Railway
Julkaistu 21 huhtikuu 2021
Finland continues to actively develop railway routes for cargo delivery to Asian partners through the territory of the Russian Federation. The other day, more than 40 containers of Finnish products were shipped from Helsinki to Japan using the Trans-Siberian LandBridge service.
M-GROUP opens Russian business for Finland
Julkaistu 14 huhtikuu 2021
The representative office of the Russian company M-GROUP, which provides analytical and information services about companies operating in the Russian Federation, has started active work in Finland. This will make it easier for neighboring countries to operate in times of pandemic.
Reima attracts new customers with online services
Julkaistu 07 huhtikuu 2021
Reima, one of the most famous Finnish brands of children's clothing, offers customers from Russia a new remote online sample service, developed jointly with the AstraFit platform during the pandemic. This will keep sales high despite quarantine restrictions.
Finland launches information covid services for Russians
Julkaistu 02 huhtikuu 2021
South Karelia region, together with Helsinki medical institutions, has developed the Finentry information portal, which provides all the necessary information on restrictions in force in Finland due to the covid-19 pandemic.
In anticipation of tourists, the port of Kotka will be modernized
Julkaistu 25 maaliskuu 2021
Hamina-Kotka, one of Suomi's largest ports, plans to open a new terminal next year to receive tourists traveling by liners around the Gulf of Finland. The main bet is on passengers from St. Petersburg.
Finland introduces mobile applications for public transport in Russia
Julkaistu 19 maaliskuu 2021
PayiQ, which actively promotes the concept of “smart tickets” for public transport in Finland, has launched the first full-fledged mobile application developed jointly with Russian companies that allows you to quickly top up your travel card. The first users of the new system will be residents of Ryazan.

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