Russian regions increase exports to Finland
Julkaistu 17 syyskuu 2020
Nizhny Novgorod, as one of the most active regions of Russia in the field of exports to the Scandinavian countries, has increased trade with the Northern regions of Europe by more than 40% over the past six months.
Modular houses from Krasnogorsk began to be delivered to Finland
Julkaistu 09 syyskuu 2020
The Russian division of the Knauf construction concern, Novy Dom company, presented the first batch of modular houses assembled using innovative technology on the Finnish market. Eco-friendly blocks are assembled into a ready-made house in the shortest possible time.
Finland will partially open visa centers from September
Julkaistu 03 syyskuu 2020
At the beginning of next week, applications for a Finnish visa will be accepted again at visa centers. Residents of Saint Petersburg will be able to use this service.
Murmansk venison enters the markets of Finland
Julkaistu 27 elokuu 2020
One of the oldest enterprises in the Murmansk region for venison harvesting has started preparing to enter the Finnish market. The polar company's accreditation will begin at the end of August.
"Maheev" conquers Finland
Julkaistu 11 elokuu 2020
Yelabuga holding "Essen" launched the export of sauces of its own production to the Finnish market. Despite the high level of competition, Russian manufacturers hope to occupy a niche on the shelves of Finnish stores.
Nokian focuses on premium service
Julkaistu 05 elokuu 2020
The Finnish company Nokian Tyres, widely known in Russia, specializing in the production of tires for difficult climatic conditions, has opened a network of services that allow car owners to get a whole range of high-quality services.
Finland has closed its borders until the end of August
Julkaistu 29 heinäkuu 2020
Due to the continuing high number of newly infected with coronavirus in Russia, Suomi decided to extend the ban on individuals crossing the border until August 25.
Research on laying the Arctic Connect cable has started
Julkaistu 21 heinäkuu 2020
At the end of last week, participants of the Russian-Finnish Arctic Connect project reported on the start of work aimed at studying the section of fiber-optic cable laying. This communication channel will be the first to operate in the Arctic basin.
Tikkurila will help the wildlife Fund in Russia
Julkaistu 15 heinäkuu 2020
One of the most famous Finnish brands in Russia, paint giant Tikkurila, has become a participant in the WWF project on forest conservation.
Suomi started trial of Covid-19 breath test
Julkaistu 07 heinäkuu 2020
In the capital of Finland, tests have begun on a new compact device that can detect markers of coronavirus and certain types of cancer in a few minutes in the air exhaled by a person. The portable device was developed by several innovative companies with the support of state funds.
Finland is sponsoring the construction of a new road to Brusnichnoe
Julkaistu 30 kesäkuu 2020
Within the framework of the interstate program for the development of neighboring regions between Finland and Russia, an application was agreed to prepare technical documentation for the construction of a new road that will connect the Northern capital and one of the most popular border crossings among tourists, Brusnichnoe.
A new hub with Finnish lifts will appear in Khimki
Julkaistu 23 kesäkuu 2020
In early June, the Russian division of the Finnish company Pekkaniska received official permission to build a warehouse complex in the North-West of Moscow to store lifting and installation equipment for rent.
Finland opens borders for the Baltic States
Julkaistu 16 kesäkuu 2020
Since June 15, Suomi opens its borders for tourists coming from the Baltic countries. There is no need to go into a 2-week quarantine now.
Atria bets on the premium segment
Julkaistu 09 kesäkuu 2020
Finnish meat products manufacturer Atria plans to invest about 80 million rubles in the development of its Russian division. The main focus will be on the premium line owned by the company.
Finnish companies adapt to quarantine
Julkaistu 03 kesäkuu 2020
Against the background of the introduction of restrictive measures related to the coronavirus pandemic, many companies became online. Finland's largest mixer manufacturer, Oras, was no exception. The Russian division leveled the drop in sales due to the development of an online store.
Viking Line started preparing for the tourist season
Julkaistu 27 toukokuu 2020
One of the most famous ferry companies for Russian tourists, Viking Line, has started preparing for the upcoming tourist season, the timing of which has been significantly adjusted by the quarantine imposed due to coronavirus.
Finnair improves flight safety
Julkaistu 19 toukokuu 2020
Finland's largest airline, Finnair, is starting to gradually restore passenger routes that were canceled due to the quarantine. At the same time, considerable attention is paid to safety on board.
SVR construction projects in Russia were suspended
Julkaistu 13 toukokuu 2020
One of the largest Finnish construction companies, SVR, has put on pause the implementation of many projects in Russia. The reason is a significant drop in activity in the real estate market on the background of the coronavirus pandemic.
VR Group updates its fleet for transporting Russian methanol
Julkaistu 28 huhtikuu 2020
Finland's state-owned railway company VR Group has ordered 80 locomotives capable of carrying high-weight trains to optimize the delivery of methanol from the Russian Metafrax group. It is planned to close the contract in 6 years.
Nokia creates a network for electricity meters
Julkaistu 20 huhtikuu 2020
Finnish telecommunications giant Nokia will develop a 450 MHz wireless network for the Polish electricity supplier PGE Systemy. 4G technologies should eventually combine all Polish energy sources into a single system to increase its efficiency.

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